Hello everyone! ^__^ *waves*

As you have figure out, this is yet another Twinflame blog. I record and document my day to day life with a spirit. I keep this blog as candid as possible to display the realities of having this experience. We go through our ups and downs, you get to meet my spirit self or higher self who hangs with Erik, our ascension process, meet other TFs in spirit, funny commentary and encounters, just about everything under the sun.

How I met him is kind of a long story

I didn’t fucking believe in Twin Flames at the time. Just that we are all soul mates or kindred spirits. For someone who is intuitive and kinda teetering on and off “the path”… Guess you can say I was cynical and pessimistic and borderline through with life.

Since ‘09 I had been aware of a spirit following me around and messing with my shit. Never felt threatened, if anything during some hard times, was comforting so I never bothered to investigate. What was I going to do with a spirit? Take a couple shots of spiced rum, pass a fucking bong and sing “We Are Family”?!??!

Or better yet, Kumbaiyah?…Uh, no…

As a kid about 7 years old, being intuitive with the ability to see dead people and communicate with my dead granny, I knew I was different. However my gifts were for the most part suppressed. I was still intuitive to a degree to which I would know small details before they happened. High school was bullshit-hell and worse so my gifts took another backseat. I was diagnosed with autism, held back 2x, bullied, and I wasn’t yet diagnosed with bipolar (type 2) or tourettes until after high school.

Since i mentioned I’m bipolar, I have to address that since 2010 I’ve been on and off medications and tried loads of them (I’m not going to list them because it’s a long one). While I’m medicated, no matter what medications, I find it so much easier to concentrate and communicate with my guides. Off my meds, I’m not clear-headed and I’m so off kilter that even tarot reading isn’t as accurate either. With realizing this again while I couldn’t get my meds for 3 months (in 2020) and documented it here on the blog, I absolutely NEED medications to do anything with my intuition. This is how I realize that I’m not as crazy as I sound.

…Because trust me I thought I was going insane at first, changed my meds and still had my abilities. This is common among intuitives. I even considered that maybe I’m not bipolar and maybe just very sensitive to energies. IDK and I don’t care. It doesn’t change the fact that I have to take medications.

I would LOOOOOOVE for my brain to be studied for science because I find it fascinating.

One thing that remained constant and a burden was having these feelings I was supposed to find someone and time was running out. I never had a word to explain it. It was frustrating and heartbreaking. So in ‘09 I got the sense that “it” was over and just things got out of control.

In ‘09 I broke down and I think Erik found me that way so he says…

In 2015 or 16 I was beginning to have dreams about Erik only I didn’t know it was him at the time, and more frequently. It drove me nuts because the feeling came back. Like I’m supposed to look for someone but who? WTF? Why is this happening to me?

Several psychics told me about him with one suggesting I talk to him. One night I had a dream seeing myself and this dude who looked so familiar being brought together as if to hint “match made in heaven” kind of shit. It was so vivid and I remember it like it happened last night. These feelings I was having again about needing to find someone came back. It got so bad, I really wanted to die

It might be that what makes my/our story different…

Is mine happens to be (lack of a better word) a “celebrity” of a sort I guess, IDK. His name is Erik aka Erik Medhus. Yeah it’s awesome but it’s also very difficult.

I have received some form of harassment at first. So I want to make this clear in black and white:

Here I go on a tangent…Sorry/Not sorry…

This is not what it’s all cracked up to be! So don’t get shit twisted in a bunch okay? It’s not all sunshine!

IDKY people want to step over me like I’m am the fucking idiot.

Let that shit soak for a little bit. Hell, why not rinse and repeat mmkay? As soon as you realize that and come back to earth, the better. I’m his Twinflame no matter if you like it or not. Simple as that.

I have no filter and don’t bullshit. I’m not going to be politically correct all the time. Being “nice” is being fake. I’m not fake. Its is coming from having a shitty past where people just don’t want to listen to me. So of course the things I write about will come from my heart even if it does sound a little off-color. Some things just need to be said and someone has to do it. Spirituality isn’t going to put a damn muzzle on my mouth.

Anyway, I’m pretty fucking chill xD. If you have questions, ASK as I have absolutely no problem answering anything. If you want someone to talk to, ASK. Don’t let little ol me intimidate you ^___-.

This blog is about my experience. Mine. Take from it what you want, the details will always remain the same. Hope to however shed some light on this experience and help someone going through the same shit. It’s fucking hard and I can go on and on about that but please don’t make me.

 Enjoy reading,
Hadassah Monique