NDE Or Dream Travel

I have the ability to travel. No, I don’t always set out to travel before I go to sleep but I do go to places that look like or remind me of Near Death Experience stories I’ve been listening to recently on the YT Channel, Heaven Awaits. You should listen to them.

It’s either I have an undetected heart condition where periodically it stops beating or I am a le to slow my heart rate down so low that I’m able to trigger these events;

1. I’m starting to think that dream I had about what happened BEFORE I incarnated wasn’t what I thought it was. I think rather than it being before I was born, it could have been that I was being shown what I was supposed to accomplish in this life and being so high on the spirit juice I really didn’t want to return back to my body or wake up. Because I made it very very clear I didn’t want to go back to earth. Erik was there to drag me to that meeting and tell me what I needed to do in this life. I didn’t want to do that either. In 2015 I had already given up Erik and anything spiritual related because I didn’t see a point in any of it anymore.

2. The dream that I had visiting Erik. He was made of light and I’ll never forget his smile. Everything was bright and beautiful. I was aware that I was somewhere else and heard children laughing and playing. Erik laughed at my confusion and said, “They are our children!” It was a dream Ive written about before but I can’t find it here. Go figure.

Since being pregnant I’ve wondered if one of those children is this one I’m having. I’m so happy to be pregnant and the idea that one of ours could be this one reborn with me again makes me a little emotional. It’s because Erik died before I could find him. Finding him had been my life goal since I was a little girl. A psychic warned me of his death months before he had committed suicide and when I intuitively knew he had died that winter I gave up the idea of ever being happy again.

Don’t get me wrong, Rick is amazing! I’m pregnant with HIS kid and I rather it be him than anyone else. I tried loving other people. It just never worked out. Long story short Rick and I reconnected. We met months after Erik died in 2010 and at the time wasn’t interested in a serious relationship because I was dealing with grief I didn’t at the time understand.

Both dreams seem to be like NDEs in the way I experienced them. Hard to describe 8n words but fresh in my mind. I didn’t want to go back to reality as I knew it. Especially when Erik told me about our children. I just didn’t want to live in a world without him and my children in it. I understand this blog wether you believe it or not is part of my purpose. I’ve known since 2015 I’d have a blog like this and tried to make one but lacked experiences which would come a year or two later. I feel good about what I’ve done or accomplished since 2015.

So do I have an underlying heart issue, breathing problem, sleep apnea or do I have the ability to trigger something like an NDE while asleep? Honestly I don’t care enough to find out. These dreams are close to my heart and they mean the world to me no matter what the cause. It’s because of these dreams I’m still here today and continue to share my experiences on this journey.

To note; during the time both of these dreams happened, I was with someone who thought I stopped breathing in my sleep…🤷‍♀️

😘💕 Good night y’all!

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