Finally set up my alter for pendulums!

For me it was important to hang my pieces above my sage bowl for cleansing. The decks I have are ones I use most when I work as a reader. Obviously can’t fit 100 decks and don’t want them all out like that. What sits below is my desk wich is sort of well….


😅 I’m trying to organize the best I can while the baby factory is working on almost 19 weeks now. 🤰 I’m doing what I can with the energy I have. What can I say? Putting the shelves up and together took effort with the dinky little screwdriver I have.

Will work on more shit this week. I’m pooped and need to eat. The past few days I’ve not been eating as much but honestly haven’t really felt all that hungry in spite of a baby growing inside me and all that jazz.

I really could use a bin or something to put my yarn in…. 🥱 Eh not now. I’m just gonna forage for food and watch Haunted History now.

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