I’m obsessed with burning sage, Palo Santo, frankensence and myrrh. Yes…all together!

I feel a sense of comfort, peace and protection with this combo. In the beginning of my journey I used this combo (sans Palo Santo) as a way of opening and closing my certain rituals.

Today I decided to go back to doing a ritual that has helped me manifest some amazing things. At the time I had no idea of what it was called but last night I did a Google search to find there was a name for it. It’s pretty cool but I’m going to try to do this ritual more often and work more on progressing my life a little further by manifesting a home. Now that I’m expecting and all I’d love to live in a house. If it takes a few years it’s fine, I can keep living here in this nice apartment.

Things can change and you never know…

I’m going to move my crystals around and find a place to store the ones I don’t need and find some kind of “symbol” or something so can wear. Idk I’m just kind of new to this thing so here’s to winging it!

😘💕 Ta-ta for now!

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