A Dead Body In My House

This dream was freaky. Pregnancy dreams are usually freaky. But I woke up wanting to like gag and cry because it was freaky.


So I was moving from one house to another and for some reason I had Erik’s dead body in it along with some trans lady I guess. She came back tonight but the people I lived with kept telling me it’s some leftover reflexes or some shit. I’m thinking that once it talks I’m leaving and never going back. Well someone was building coffins and I was overseeing it. I remember the wood and the classic old style coffin shape.

Anyway so I was having a moving away party and Erik’s family was there basically all sort of “southern racist pride” vibes so I put on a disguise. I then got this idea that if that lady was actually alive maybe I can fix Erik by kissing him. So I ran back inside the house and did it. Nothing happened so I began to like freak the fuck out.

I want to go back to sleep though…

Hopefully I’ll have a better dream. I just feel so gross right now. Last night I felt the baby move or something. Whatever it was, it scared the fuck out of me so I screamed. It felt like there must be an alien inside me. I’ve seen too many horror movies. Lol 😆 but seriously I screamed and Rick was like asking me what was wrong.

😘💕 Anyway I need more sleeps.

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