FEAR is the basis of MISERY!

Fear leads to pain and anger. That’s fear of being wrong, fear because you don’t understand something, fear because what you find goes against your beliefs, fear creates anger and hostility and it has no room in this journey. You gotta just let that shit go as if you needed to shit a minute ago!

I encounter fear from:

Believing I’m going insane

Believing I AM insane

Believing people will or are reacting to me negatively

All of that is valid but it’s not helpful if you want to grow. Embrace the unknown and uncertainty because it’s all we have. We don’t know much about twin flames but people sure do have so many wild explanations of it and believe it or not, all it does is create stupidity. YES! I said stupidity….but also nonsense.

You have to become comfortable with the uncomfortable!

If your TF isnt on this plane you have to swallow the doubt –and you should have doubt. If you don’t that’s a problem! You have to swallow the doubt, the fear and use that as a reason to move forward. We can’t know all there is to know and there so much conflict in information. It’s easy to get confused and when you do, take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Where there is pure unadulterated love, there isn’t fear and vice versa or whatever the fuck. How can you love deeply if you are constantly nagged by what could be? So the fuck what? What people think, say or do (which is usually negative) about your personal life or spiritual journey doesn’t change the fact that what you’re going through is happening.

It’s likely what you think of yourself is what some rando idiot thinks of you.

For example I feel insane. I have a perfectly good reason why I just may be. It’s also the same bullshit people who don’t know me think. So if I already think of that myself and know deep down I’m not a total luney tune, why give a fuck. There is nothing I can say or do about that. That fear I occasionally have about losing my mind is valid. It’s my biggest fear. What’s the point in worrying about that?

The answer to that is love. Just love anyway and the rest will follow. When it comes to a journey like this, there’s no science behind it, there’s no 100% fool proof explanation for any of it. You got to be comfortable with the fact.

😘💕 Good night loves, I’m 😴 tired…

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