I’m Part Ancient Egyptian lol

It occured to me just laying in bed thinking about my 23andme account. I need to get my grampa to accept my invite because I lost the screenshots to his DNA page. Basically a while back it said that he’s genetically related to Ramses III. Now it know it’s not remarkable which was why I’ve only mentioned it years after the fact.

When I go to see him this Thanksgiving I’m going to help him accept my invite. He’s 83 and isn’t as tech savvy as he used to be as an engineer. He showed me how the inside of computers worked when he was in his 60s and used to be able to do complex math in his head. He was extremely smart. But he’s pretty old now and last time I saw him he’s slowed down a lot. His eye sight was failing so that’s why he had to move into my aunt’s giant ass house.

😘💕 Have a great weekend, be safe!

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