Avoid Arrogance

Intelligent people can be taught and arrogant people refuse to be taught. The people who rather walk around with giant heads up thier ass don’t usually care for anything or anyone who goes against their beliefs. They sort of live in a bubble and so if I or anyone breaks that bubble I’m deemed “evil”.

In the beginning I was arrogant in my belief in who I think was my TF. Of course Erik is STILL my TF but I no longer feel like the TF lable is important because I love him for who he iswas. The TF community is delusional about what true unconditional love is and I realized that no matter the circumstances, Im in this journey with him.

6 years in and still growing!

I’ve grown and changed my views on what it means to be in a twin soul relationship with someone whose no longer living. It’s taken me years to learn to be totally okay and let go of the certainty. This is so very hard to do! Especially because you can’t prove most experiences you have.

Arrogance just doesn’t look good. I chose my friends carefully in that I don’t associate with people who are arrogant about their TF path. Because it shows to me they are stuck in their ways and what they think is true of TF relationships is it and nothing else. I’ve stopped contact with one in particular who was very adamant about what she believes in as absolute fact.

The truth is we don’t know!

So why work so hard to convince people or force someone to believe what we believe as absolute. Like, at first it was important to me because I was very new and craved validation. Over the course of 4 years that shit faded away. I was a skeptic once so naturally I was on high alert to not only convince myself by my peers because of fear of being seen as crazy.

No matter what you do, people will always always always find fault in you. It’s virtually impossible to have everyone believe you in everything. It’s just not logical to think that way. Just as illogical to to force your point of view on someone else as though you have a PhD in something that’s no scientifically proven.

Having a mind to think for myself, to question, to accept the fact I could be wrong doesn’t make me weak. I think it makes me strong. People usually like assurance they are right about something. It’s human nature and it feels warm and safe. Going out of your comfort zone I think Is REQUIRED when on a journey like this. If you don’t endure the uncomfortable, fearful, uncertainty, how can you know how to live? To live when your TF isnt alive is kind of the point isn’t it?

😘💕 Good night!

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