Finding out your TF may not be?

I’ve seen it with a handful of people who suddenly fall off the TF journey when they feel who thier TF isn’t who they thought it was. I think it’s very difficult when your TF is dead and they happen to be known for something. There would be a handful of other who claim your TF is thiers and it must be a rollercoaster ride of sorts when dealing with this.

While there are MANY signs someone is your TF, signs ARE just a list of conditions someone “needs” to have in order to be a TF. If love is unconditional, you dont need a list of conditions to make someone qualify to be your TF. You love them for who they are! Eventually the list of those “signs” won’t matter. The only thing that does is how you feel in your heart and that should fuel you to work with your TF on whatever complicates you.

Communication IS key!

In my experience, the best and only way communicate effectively is by using a pendulum and an alphabet board. It’s best to grab a sketchbook and make your own! Put your heart and soul in it, take your time and hold the intention to only speak to benevolent beings and your TF. You will need to make a new one ever so often. Protection is particularly important because you need to limit any possibility of communication with unsavory beings. Do whatever protection ritual that makes you feel comfortable. I have the lord’s prayer written on my alphabet board and when I feel uncomfortable I say the Lord’s prayer. You can open and end your communication with prayer and I totally recommend you do!

Communication with your TF to avoid all that confusion in any area if your journey is so very very important. Having done it for two years, I have developed telepathy with mine and I’m on my 6th year of this journey. Hopefully you will develop this ability as you progress. Pick a time of day or night to have communication. I choose before bed because I find I retain information easier and I may influence my ability to dream travel which has happened quite a bit so I find communication before bed helpful!

The TF journey isn’t everything…

Love your life! Take a break or focus on your life in the here and now. You got to redirect your energy if you feel like you hit a block or that you have misinterpreted yourself in matter of who your TF is. Remember who you were before all that. Go back to that the best you can. There was a time I gave Erik up. Not because of the TF stuff because I didn’t believe in TFs. It was because I knew he was dead and didn’t feel like it was possible to have a relationship with him and at the time didn’t know how to communicate safely. I let about 5 years go by, a dozen dreams with him, and an intuitive to convince me to to consider my options. During that time “off” I went on life as usual. It helped that I had a new bf and a demanding job.

If you find yourself in a difficult position like this and you have had reliable communication with them, then the best advice I can give is to go back to life as you had before. Consider therapy even! After all you probably spent quite a lot of time on this journey so you need to gain back what you had previously.

I hope that whatever you are dealing with passes and that you find yourself again. It’s not easy and maybe one day you will be wiser and kinder to yourself along the way!

😘💕 Sending love and light your way!

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