Karaoke Host!

I was offered a job to take over for a friend who left the bar she used to host at. Last Saturday, I started training in how to operate the systems and on closing up. My concern is being able to get home. I prefer to host on Thursdays because I would have Rick with me to take me home. Being out past 2am isn’t a problem because I work in the late afternoons.

It’s exciting because I always wanted to host but it’s also scary. Idk y for sure because it’s very simple stuff. All I do is enter people’s songs on que and call them up. I can drink but I can’t get plastered. Maybe that’s why lol. I need to drink to be social.

Being social is a little difficult for me without alcohol.

I am the life of the party when I do. Without a beer or two I just sort of shrivel up. Last time I went to the bar without a drink was horrible. On top of that I tried to smoke weed which only made matters way way worse. Lol I stayed with the friend who was hosting in a little corner of the booth terrified as fuck. This is why I prefer to smoke weed at home where it’s safe!

But I’m going to try to not get too drunk in the job. I train again in Thursday with another one of the remaining hosts. I’m friends with all of them and they are all very good people. The extra money is another thing I look forward to. It’s under the table which means it’s tax free and I don’t need to document any of it lol. I get to have fun and make extra money also in tips.

Erik’s very encouraging too!

I was starting to have second thoughts about my social anxiety likely to get in the way but he made a good point; if it’s something I love doing (singing and entertaining people in spite of that) then I should give it a try. Not like give up when I only just got started. The worry about having a way home is valid though. I may have to take Uber or only work on Thursdays. Will have to talk to the people at the bar about that this week.

๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’• Stay cool guys!

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