Its so funny to me the fact that “rola” in spanish means “song”, while it means dick in portuguese, and Spanish and Portuguese are two languages ​​that are remarkably similar, which means that you will often see someone talking about “rola” as a song but it will sound ridiculous in Portuguese, and obviously the opposite must also be ridiculous but I can’t comment on that with property

But i really wanna show how funny this is

In a tiktok about loona’s gay hit song there was this sweet comment: my song 💋☝

But if you dont know what rola means in spanish you will think this was a comment saying: my dick 💋☝

And i searched on YouTube, mis rolas preferidas

Theres a lot of playlists with that name, the translation would be: my favorite songs

But in portuguese… you will think its saying: my favorite dicks

I wrote “esta rola” (that dick) which should be corrected to portuguese, but no, its translated to “that song” (esta canção in portuguese) AND THATS SO RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY

I wonder if this was done purposely. Like we decided Spanish music is dick to us. Therefore Spanish songs are dicks. Then I’m stoned so what do I know.

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