Long Hair Don’t Care 😂

In 2012 I decided to grow out my hair. I kept it relatively long until 2019 when Matt chopped it to my ears. Kept it short for 2 years but short curly hair is harder to manage (for me). So I began to do Brazilian keratin treatments a year ago. Now it’s finally where it was before he cut it!

Had a little mishap with my permanent extensions a couple months ago so I needed to take an inch off. No big deal. I use castor oil products or hair products with castor oil as a main ingredient.

Like before I’m just using the Brazilian keratin treatment to help me grow out my hair long enough to handle it curly. The treatment washes out and it took maybe 9 months for my curls to come back. Not worried about that. The treatment doesn’t make your hair grow. It just makes my hair easier to manage thus allowing me to leave it alone for the most part. All I need to do is wash and deep condition every once in a while.

I went from shoulder to grazing bra strap in a year. To me it’s not bad. It’s maybe 4 to 6 inches a year. I’m short (or at least feel it) so measurements will be different if you’re over 5"3’.

I have a strip of grey growing out. Most people have to bleach it. Not meeee! Fucking love it!

The goal is to hit a little down to my boobs 😆. Last time I did that, I was so depressed and skinny so my hair was falling out and thin. I hope to get there or close to by the end of the year!

BTW my natural hair color is dark brown or a step below black (not quite black) and I’m holding off on dying my hair purple. I may or may not go back. There was another color I want to experiment with but I need the semi dye to wash out. I’ve had dyed my hair for yeeeeeears!

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