*reflexive stance*

Online pseudonym: hydralisk98

Preferred nickname: Klara

Gender identity: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Birthday: August 1st

Citizenship: Canada

MBTI personality: INTP

Mental health details: Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Education: Full DES, DEP Technical Support, some time in Cegep in Multimedia… and much time spend exploring stuff by myself.

DNI: UPCOMING TOO. However I am still open to criticisms and debate within the norms of civil manners regardless.

Stance on LGBTQ+ things: Totally am part of it and as such I am enjoying each and every wholesome thing that occurs in this wide community for as far as I am aware of. Still humane enough to debate reasonably each side of the arguments and go towards a better future for the many sapients inhabiting existence.

Stance on spirituality: I like it much as I explore new possibilities of what can be, still balance to be made between the two mindset models (rationality and esoterism) as they are NOT mutually exclusive AND even rather complementary. But most issues come from the carthesian radical point. Enjoy your ride into subliminals!

Stance on Libre software and everything FOSS: Totally worth it, there are ofc good things that can come from other profiteering models but I put emphasis more onto Libre for a quite a few reasons both my own and for overall culture.

Portfolio of creative projects I finished: UPCOMING.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: Writing technical documentation, blogging & illustrating and composing multimedia work, printing and collaging media for promotional content, crafting public domain assets and script component libraries, graphic design & video editing of edutaining content, animating explainers, programming explorable explanations, research old technologies for posterity and lively use recycling, maintain a local technological history museum, produce accurate & original analog media materials for films games and books, write modular stories that can be edited around like software toys, record document and update older (computing, operating or whatever workflow) systems for longevity and experimentations…

IDEAS for the portfolio: video rental store full stack project, social history simulations project, CC0 creative editing asset bank project, CC0 recent history of Mascouche as a analog book documentation project, alternate history multilingual technological workflow stack project…

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