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I don’t need or want fame, popularity, clout, your money, deals, your opinions or whatever. I won’t sell out or “sell my soul” because I respect my journey. This blog is sharing my experiences with having a twin soul on the other side. All I want to do is help those who may be dealing with the same things.

Special note: I don’t have comments enabled and you will not be able to contact me in any means. Even on Tumblr I have it set so only friends can comment. This is so that my focus remains on writing in my blogs and about my experiences.

If you found my blog because you are also experiencing similar things or by happenstance and want to reach out, I’m truly sorry but I hope the wealth of information here is helpful. Know you aren’t alone and it’s so important that you strengthen your line of communication with your ts in spirit and that you work closely with them.

Didn’t think I’d have to say this:

The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know NOTHING about.

Here is a list of probably helpful links on some topics that makes it easy to navigate the blog should there be any topic you care to read up on.

Open links as a new tab for better navigation as they will most likely lead you to my tumblr.

About me – basic info about myself.

Confidence in my journey – Why I don’t care if Erik is my TF (or not).

Have a TF on the other side? – Words of advice from a veteran.

Living in your TF’s Memory – Suggestions on how you can help the planet raise it’s vibrations with love.

Working e-novel based on this blog – Work in progress. It’s a bit difficult to write but I try to add more when I feel up to it.

Guardians Of The Four Realms (aka “Home”) –

A lot of detail about our “Home” and what I’ve learned and still learning about it.

Galactic Guardians aka Incarnated Gods

Chariot Of The Gods




Vanessa aka “A”

Spiritual Work 

Stuff we have worked on together resulted in growth and understanding. This is the bulk of our stuff and other things I’ve learned.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Raphael



Past Life aka Parallel-Self

Spirit Spouse

Channeling Erik <<< All about my TF

Birthday Letter – The actual handwritten letter HERE.

Lessons – Valuable things I’ve learned during the course of this journey, –Work in progress as I have to dig through old posts.

Years –

Important details, events or situations happening in that time.






Misc. –

Just stuff of not as much importance and shit.

My life – Shit about me; picturesperformances/SoundCloudTourret Syndrome and Autism/Asperger’s.

Me and Rick – Shinnanagins me and my partner do or get into. The towns most annoying couple.

Food porn – I am a graduated chef from Le Cordon Bleu. Sometimes I post my food and recipes. Since graduation, my love for cooking has diminished and have not worked professionally in a long long time.

RIP – Late friends who I was really close with and miss dearly. Posts dedicated to Matt , Alex , and Odin (my cat).

Fandoms – shit I like or am a fan of.

Bass playing – Covers and practices.

Vlogging / Videos – Video logs

Gamer Tags – Because I game about 80% of my life.

Questions/Answers – People have asked, and I answered.

Twin Flame Movies – Movies I’ve seen that generally have the twin flame vibe. Very few exist.


Artwork – Mostly flowers because that’s all I’ve been drawing since I was a kid but they are pretty like the ones decorated on this blog.


Cat-turd-day (caturday) – Pictures of my cat(s).

Astral Home – A duplicate build of the place I go to when I talk to Erik and my guides in The Sims 4.

Our Playlist – YouTube Playlist (public)

Dreams – A collection of dreams leading up to this spiritual journey where Erik was mostly present.

Conversations – A few logs of channelings here and there with Erik, god, angels and guides.

Haters – A collection of obvious trolls, and bad actors. I don’t put up with bullies and I enjoy calling them out.

My Intuitive Blog and Reviews / Feedback – I am a Tarot Reader and Channeler.

– Hadassah Monique

Other Tumblr blogs:

TheStonedPriestess.Com @the-stoned-priestess Intuitive blog where I offer free full-length card readings. Please do not ask me on this blog!

@bhagdadbarbie my regular blog outside of spiritual or esoteric shit. Random thoughts, social commentary, and shit posts.

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