WordPress blog…😬

Idk if by having a WordPress blog (flameontheotherside.wordpress.com) will put my presence on a larger scale? Or give me a wider audience? I’m honestly a little scared about it. It’s nothing special, I’ve decided to run a live duplicate so basically whatever I post here, will appear on there. I will run that update once a week so that the posts will appear to mirror this blog.

I’ve spent nearly 6 years on this blog. It scares me the idea it could go poof at any moment. Having several backups makes me feel better. For some reason I can’t export this blog without putting in a ticket. They still haven’t yet explained or answered my question about that so by importing this blog via WordPress and then backup on via there is all I can do. I don’t mind that.

Im nervous about this…

I figured a way to not allow comments on my blog. I think. At least no one will be able to comment or comment on posts more than a day old. The reason I’m doing that is because I don’t need commentary or someone to feel the need to post unnecessary comments. All I want to do is share my experiences. What other people think is not any of my business or important to me.

😘💕 I love y’all, stay safe!

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