Adventure πŸ˜‚ lol

It was a wacky dream. In one dream I had missed school and stayed home in exchange for cleaning the house. Afterwards I had some guy over to cuddle with. It was Erik and he looked like someone else. I’m realizing he chosing characters from shows or movies who resemble him in some way. He might be different but I know it’s him because I feel him.

So anyway I get this idea we should go to the beach and the mall since it was still early. We were back in Florida so we were able to do that. We talked and walked for a while and it was nice!…But we got lost somewhere in between which happens a lot. I got picked up by pirates at this arcade in the mall and he found me but they ended up taking both of us.

I convinced the pirates I had money at home and we walked back to my house. On the way they pirates fucked with me and I began screaming. A couple opened those doors and put their dogs on the attackers. They were from Maine or Boston and I’m from Connecticut so we ended up talking about that and then Erik knew thier language and the three of them got to talking. Idk what language it was or what they were saying but the sun was coming up.

We got back to my house. We were going to enter through the garage but I told Erik my grampa would prefer that we go through the front door and take our shoes off. So we did. Tired, I told him to just go upstairs and I’d be back up with some food.

I go to the kitchen and see dinner prepared. It was confusing and thought maybe I was supposed to cook dinner the night before but no, my twin brother did and he also wanted to cook dinner for breakfast. I woke up before I was able to meet Erik upstairs.

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