Guy at bar 🍻

Very short dream I was sitting at my favorite bar. There were other people but I only saw Erik who just waltz’s in and sits next to me. I’m like:

😒🤦‍♀️😨 jeodj e hsb jneksin!?

I couldn’t move or think but then I thought about karaoke. Not yet so I must have been there early. No one was at the DJ booth.

So he says something like that there is a guy who wants me to be happy (well there’s 2). Then something he said he was hinting at himself and something about a promise.

It was weird but I woke up understanding it of course. 😑 Well in the dream I blushed so hard, I snapped out of it. I’m stoned as fuck rn. Must have been a dreamtrance idk the difference anymore lol. But I wanted to twist his ear for that scare! Holy shit saw my worst nightmare. This happens a lot. I’ll be daydreaming or whatever and live out my worst fears.

This one was seeing someone who really looks like him.

I know it’s so weird but I wouldn’t even perform on stage, I hide and go home or just hide out and wait for him to leave. Most hot guys leave this bar around 11 or 12 because they have professional jobs or something better to do other than a dive bar full of weirdos, old people and hicks. I used to have one of those things. A professional job. Now I’m a weirdo. Id be looking from far with binoculars or in the bushes. Jesus I sound like my 18 year old self 🤦‍♀️.

Oh God 🤣 I can’t stop laughing!

Why does she have to remind me of why I can’t have nice things?!

….I was a lot like Tina. And….

I’ve had people tell me I must have been adorable. Sadly no lol. I was bullied by literally everyone except my therapist and counselor. Yes at least 1 teacher took part and then a few teachers would let other students have at me. 🙄 Anyway this is a bummer. Killed my high l.

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