6 years!

It’s officially our 6th year! 🤩

It feels surreal. It had to take 2 years to learn how to hear Erik and another year to learn how to “shut him up”. Communication started slow using my protection rituals (most important), pendulum, homemade boards and…..lots and lots of practice and patience.

There was a happy encounter last night. I even forgot to take my meds and woke up late which was okay. The extra sleep was needed. Had a very eventful weekend. I think tonight will be more of the same but I’m in the mood to watch a movie or something.

Tomorrow I start my new job!

It’s part time and the boss lady was very nice understanding that I couldn’t make too much or it would red flag me on disability benefits. So I’ll be making quite a bit of money. I’m excited because it will help me get ready for the summer vacation.

We are going to Connecticut to see my dad, old friends and family. I believe we will also go to New York. We haven’t figured out an official itinerary.

Smoking and watching Dane Cook 😆

“I wanna fuck a beehive”

😘💕 Good night!

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