Welcome home Odin!

He doesn’t seem too thrilled with Barry who keeps trying to investigate him. He hissed a little because it seemed like Barry was getting a bit annoying.

We are going to try our best to allow Odin to adjust. Eventually Odin will relax and become more friendly. He’s lived with me, my ex and two other cats so it’s not like he’s not used to being around others. Barry is just overly curious and wants to play but Odin is just tired and needs time.

🥰 Odin doesn’t seem to remember me but it’s okay. I’m sure he will in time. I love him no matter what. He will always be my baby.

I’m so happy to have him in my life. I’m so lucky. My life is finally back to how it was but with a better boyfriend and so must stability and financial security.

I miss him so much. It’s so hard to believe hes gone…😥🤧😭🤧

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