My new doggo!

He’s 9 mos old and a Siberian Husky. He looks purebred to me but that doesn’t matter. The owner is basically donating this dog to us after I posted on craigslist what’s recently happened and that we would love to adopt a dog to give it a loving home. My family is experienced with huskies when we lived in Connecticut. It’s been a long time though.

Whats important to me was that this dog would get along with my cat. We live in a big apartment about 1k sqft with a huge backyard. 😆 I would take this big guy on walks which will encourage me to get back in the act of working out again. Anyway Barry has been in a funk since Odin passed. He’s walking around aimlessly crying and just more annoying than usual.

We will meet with the dog this week!

Just to be sure they can get along. I’m sure with how smart both Barry and Skylar are there will never be a dull moment. Barry knows how to open doors and cabinets so we had to get a little smarter with that. I’m hoping this meet works out. She is asking for 100 😍 which is basically nothing for a purebred husky and he will come with everything we need. Getting him fixed won’t be an issue. For 10+ years with cats I’ve been able to get approved for low income spay and neuter. It’s available for dogs too.

Another thing I must do is get a new ESA letter for Skylar to live with us. So I’ve got to run to my psychiatrist office to get that and hand it to the neighborhood office. 😂 This is so I don’t need to be charged extra and they can’t refuse having him with me.

Taking him with me…

I’m hoping we can train Skylar to be calm enough to take with me when we go out. It will help with my PTSD and social anxiety. My anxiety has gotten worse since Odin passed. Not sure how that connects together but any social interaction has been a strain and so has my Tourrets. It’s been acting up more since Odin passed. I’ve had to explain to people why I was twitching so hard. Most people don’t care. One chick asked if I had the kind that makes me curse…😑. I understand why it’s “fascinating” but seriously? It’s rare for me but it happens. Don’t see how that’s so cool.

My stomach hurts. Probably because I’ve not been eating and today I had 3 ramen cups. 😭 My poor intestines are angry with me lol.

😘💕 Good night y’all!

Shortly after posting a miracle happened!


An Odin clone just showed up crying at our door!

Just has longer fur and we will be taking it to the vet tomorrow.


I’ve seen miracles but nothing like this. I can’t get over how alike they are. We are hoping it will have a clean bill of health. We don’t know what we will name it or what gender it is. But the longer we have it the more I’m convinced this is by no mistake and I’d be stupid to let this one go!

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