I saw us but it was weird!

So seeing Erik is difficult even in dreams because of my emotional bullshit. So especially at times in my life when I’m more depressed or anxious like now, if I see him at all he’s not looking the same, but I definitely feel him so that’s how I know for sure it was him.

The dream

It was Xmas and chaotic. I was myself trying to put together Xmas stuff at my childhood house in Florida. There were kids I didn’t recognize right away. Didn’t actually see them but knew they were there. In walks a man and a women who were their parents. In another dream Erik took me to see our children. Right away I knew I had feelings for this beautiful guy and wanted to find any reason to be around him but he had this beautiful wife who I recognized as my higher self. I didn’t like her. She was very upscale, stiff, and perfect.

I was tasked with cleaning and “watching” these invisible children. It was stressful. When it came time to shower and dress up for dinner and crap, I wanted to beat my higher self so that I would be dressed to impress. For some reason Odin was in my shower but he was just sitting there not crying to be let out. I opened the bathroom door so he bolted out wet, and took a shit in front of the front door I guess because he was mad and wanted someone to step in it 😂. I heard the kids laughing and chasing Odin’s fat fluffy ass hole. But then I had to go down there and clean it up.

The shower was still running and my hair was wet from having to let Odin out of it. Figured wet hair might be a turn on for this guy I went to clean the nice pile of shit Odin left and went back into the bathroom. Shit gets interesting; I start to undress and hear a knock. In the mirror I noticed I looked plain and not as glamorous as my higher self and started to cry.

Somehow Erik manages to open the door?! 😱 So I grab a towel but the bathroom was so steamy and since my glasses were off now (I have really bad eyesight of -4) obviously I couldn’t see. I cracked the bathroom door open to tell him I’m busy but he tried to push his way in. I wanted to be alone but I also wanted him but didn’t want any trouble.

Erik says to me telepathically that he wants me. I was shocked to hear him in my head but didn’t respond. He then says he feels my feelings and knew as soon as he and his “wife” came over, he didn’t care about anything else. It took a second to realize that his wife was me (my higher self) and those children were ours. The somewhat bossy wife was actually guiding me to be better and to always improve myself. She wasn’t trying to be cruel but that’s how I think if her some times. No, I’m just cruel to myself and hold myself up to impossible standards.

Fucking insane but I totally understand it!

I’m happy the dream happened. Erik always presents himself where there is water. Water represents spirituality. It was hot and steamy roflmao 🤣 oh lord… Judging from how he wanted to sneak around on his “wife” it’s a connection to our past lives where we had snuck around behind the backs of people who didn’t want us together. In the dream I was very afraid of being caught.

It was actually a fun and simple dream to interpret. It might not make sense to you but it certainly did to me probably because I’m not so good at storytelling and it was my dream. 🤷‍♀️ It’s okay though. I’m just happy this dream happened. For yeeeears I’ve read dream interpretation books and there’s a resource online anyone can use @ dreammoods.com

😘💕 Happy belated spring equinox!

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