A cheesey veggie omelette


3 eggs (per serving or per person) whipped with or without; milk or milk substitute. Milk makes it fluffy.

Get 14 cup of each:

Red, yellow and orange pepper. Any color is fine. Most people use red.


Zucchini or squash (or both)

A hot pepper like Serrano is good but use half of one if you’re afraid of heat. Use a whole pepper if you like spicy. Make sure you chop very fine and small.

About 3 table spoons of:

Onions or shallots (or both)

Garlic pressed with your knife or palm and then chopped.

Your favorite cheese

Cook without adding oil

Don’t worry about burning. The water in them will bring it out. You don’t want to over cook. Cook until it’s brighter in color and a little soft.

Cook your egg in a pan using butter or cooking spray. Butter is better. Like making a crepe, make sure you cook this egg thin by using a big nonstick pan. You just want it to cover the bottom of the pan.

Designate a side of the omelette for the filling. While the egg is still cooking you can add cheese and your filling and add more cheese on top. All that cheese should hold everything together.

When you start to see the egg get brown, it should be easy to use the spatula to pull one side over the other.

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