Random thoughts #27

If I was ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would refuse treatment. Why drag my body through more shit just to stay alive for what may or may not be? Like I’d just rather try to be kept as comfortable as possible instead of in agony with the use of treatments like radiation or chemo. At least I could prepare myself to die as peacefully as possible. It wouldn’t be a sudden death and people would be given the chance to see me or whatever.

I know I wasn’t very close with Alex by the time he died. We chatted two years before. Idk if his wife who used to be my online best friend didn’t like me anymore. It would have been nice if I was given the chance to say goodbye. Well I kind of did but idk if she really passed on the message while he was dieing.

Did a cancer screening a few months back to find out if I had any chance of cancer. Good news. I don’t have the DNA that would cause cancer or whatever. Idk I kind of wish I did.

Anyway…just a thought.

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