Being at a cemetery at 2am – 9am?!

We went to the bar as usual and saw a friend, Cleo there. She convinced us to grab some beer and hang out on top of a cript. She said some monster lived in there 😏 and broke it’s way out. Judging from the bent bars, it looks like a raccoon or animal did that and the fact the name of the family tumb was covered doesn’t mean much….Rick and I inserted a lot of logic ironically in our spiritual trek through a cemetery. I can tell Cleo was getting annoyed with our logical explanations for most of the crazy stuff she suggested. Some believable but most just laughable and tales.

Before anyone gets their Tumblr panties in a bunch and twist there are a few things:

  • Respect really goes a long way. I don’t mind trying my best to apologize as I’m strolling off the path.
  • Paying attention to my feelings helped.
  • Going at night isn’t a bad idea afterall. In fact I find it calming. Almost therapeutic and enlightening and spiritual.
  • Whatever you do, don’t be stupid like me and Cleo and wear heels.
  • Don’t lose your keys on a problematic chain like my bf did wich caused us to be locked out of the car for hours and stuck waiting for AAA to make a new key.
  • You can bring a ghost or spirit box like we did but keep being respectful and polite.

I wasn’t high or incredibly drunk because we had to be able to walk through this very old, beautiful, hilly and potentially dangerous walks of the moist terrain. I fell several times and nearly rolled down one of the steep hills. So yeah anyway…Just a few minutes of strolling through and feeling what stones drew us in, I was suddenly choked up because I became so overcome with love. I felt as if spirits knew about how much I keep inside about Erik. Lately I have been a bit emotional. Watching a show about grief didn’t help but it wasn’t just about grief so much so I keep watching. I like the characters and their weird stories and quirks.

What I felt was advice about living life to the fullest, do what I love, preserve, stay strong and most of all, just live. Death comes for all of us and where I’m at now is where I need to be. It felt so good and it embarrassingly had me burst into tears. Rick tried to console me and I absolutely hated it. I hate when people touch me when I’m choking up. Especially people I’m close to because it just makes me want to completely break down even if it’s healthy. It just feels so gross but I know Rick consoling me was something the spirits there and Erik wanted him to do for me. Cleo looked idk I guess happy that I was letting my intuition work.

I’d love to go back. In 2011 I worked a block from a cemetery. I always felt a pull to go there. Find a random stone and have my lunch break there just to talk about anything. I felt Erik with me and I was in denial about what the popular psychic said about Erik’s suicide a few months before it happened. I wanted to pick a random grave but I also wanted to see Erik’s way more.

Being at the cemetery I knew there were people who must have killed themselves or died too young. They especially just wanted me to know I was loved. We saw shadows of people or what looked like to be children running around. Idk for sure if that’s what I saw. Cleo is big into a lot of mystical stuff. I had to keep reminding her that I believe in things when I see them and I don’t really like to make a big deal about stuff too much. Like I believe in God, angels, spirits, a few past lives, and demons because I have seen them or witnessed them. But fairies? Vampires? Bigfoot? Werewolves?…Uh no. When I see them I will believe in them.

Well hmm actually… I’m on the fence with Aliens. Well sure I may have seen and communicated with some and there’s plenty of proof of them. Then again there is “proof” of Nesse so idk I tend to be in-between about Aliens. I’d love to think they exist because of how the universe and galaxies are and stuff. So actually I’m leaning more toward my belief in them more than other “monsters”.

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Good night loves!

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