I might have dreamt about Erik before he died…

Besides the 3x the spring of 2009 floating over a grid covering the earth with some guy, there were a few other dreams.

I think Erik is present in dreams where there is water because water is the symbol of spirituality. And if you wanna get pervy and technical with it, yes it’s a wet dream 🙄😏. But that’s not the point so get your mind out of the gutter mmmkay?

Separation at sea

As a girl I was very intuitive. I’d know what was going to happen. My granny (died when I was two) would say some funny things. I saw dead pets and neighbors too. Every time I saw or heard something strange and reported it to my also intuitive mother, she’d tell me that person or animal was a pet that died. As I got older these things began to scare me and made me uncomfortable because with the health issues I have, all I wanted was to be normal. It didn’t stop prophetic dreams though.

For some reason prophetic dreams don’t manifest as fast as waking premonitions with me. I don’t mind it. So for a long time I studied ways to interpret dreams and learned how to dream travel. I try not to change bad dreams if I feel there is a message in them.

It was the same every time; I was at sea with a guy and we get separated. I always ended up screaming for him. Since I nearly drowned when I was 7 my memory added that to the dream. Water was filling up inside me. The waves crashed over me over and over. Some times I could see him. I remember once finding him on the shore dead. I woke up crying or about to cry.

Had a similar dream last night.

I was afraid of sharks finding me but I fought under water to look for Erik. Gasping and grabbing on to some rocks I pulled myself up. He was nowhere. Having had this sort of dream for years now, I don’t really cry anymore.

Putting it together; We we’re on the same boat. When he was alive we had very similar life experiences when it came to how we were treated and the very same health issues. Storms mean difficulty, adversity, stormy or gloomy emotions like I’ve had for a few days now or actually since I intuitively picked up on Erik’s death even though a psychic told me it would happen months before. Water is spirituality. Separation from someone I love like my twin soul. My spiritual journey is all about the difficulty of being separated by someone I love and I’ve had this dream specifically about losing a guy like this since I was at least 11 years old…

I resisted writing about it because I wasn’t sure if it really had any relevance to my journey. Now I see it does and idk if it’s anything to be happy about or what. I just feel fucked.

Sidetrack –God I remember being a kid and felt homesick.

I always knew there was a life or another world or something besides this reality hell hole. When I almost drowned I accepted it after I called out for my mother. Instead of being asked if I was okay or had a caring parent, I got grounded for swimming in the pool when I was told not to. Idk to me that’s bullshit. Obviously I was crying out for suitable attention. Nope. I got grounded and only wanted to die more and more.

People say kids can’t be depressed. I call bull fucking shit. As a baby all I did was laugh. That’s what my grampa said. He said I’d just think everything was so funny until it wasn’t and all I did was cry even last foaming at the mouth. Wasn’t that every baby? I think after 6 or 7 I realized this world is a shit show and so was my life but there’s no way out. Just punishment for feeling like I’ve had enough.

😘💕 Good night y’all…

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