Maybe unpopular opinion, but,,,

Don’t come in to witchcraft with this idea that it’s all about peace and love all the time. In the beginning of my journey, I would often say things like, “Witches don’t worship the Devil, they just collect crystals and garden!” Or, “Witches don’t do animal sacrifices, that would be terrible!”

Your aestheticized idea of witchcraft is not reality for all witches. It’s wonderful if that is where you find your calling. However, not all witches are the same. Some witches curse, some do animal sacrifices, some worship the Devil (not always the Christian “Satan”). You do not have to do these things, but some witches do. Just because you don’t understand these things through your cultural worldview, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Especially in cultures with very old practices that have been continually erased by others.

Don’t develop any ideas about what witchcraft is allowed to be. It can be beautiful, and peaceful, and dark, and overwhelming, and anything in between.

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