Magical Correspondences of Coffee

I recently accepted the fact that I have a lactose aversion, which saddens me because I slam milk like it’s the 90’s. The stabbing abdominal pain and jank ass bowel movements outweigh the weird satisfaction I get from cow milk.

On a vaguely related note, milk/cream is something that one might put in coffee, and is associated with nurturing, power and protection. Think of your coffee cup as a cauldron, and the coffee is the base liquid, the things you add to it can be charged with magical intent and that magic will follow you through your whole day.

Here’s some popular coffee additives and their correspondences:

  • Coffee: stimulant, great for energy work and cleansing
  • Sugar: love, purification, attraction
  • Honey/Maple/Syrups: binding, attraction, love
  • Milk/Cream: nurturing, power, protection
  • Soy Milk: protection, job success
  • Coconut Milk: protection, cleansing
  • Oat Milk: grounding, prosperity, wealth
  • Almond Milk: prosperity, healing, wealth, wisdom
  • Vanilla: happiness, love, good fortune

Add some of these to your coffee, stir with intent, and watch how it effects your day. Happy casting

Weird fact. I love cows….when I learned in 2nd grade where milk came from I basically thought; Eeeeew cow pee and never drank milk agin. In college I was in culinary in a baking class when I found out on a random day to try cream in my coffee one afternoon. Then on public transportation home from school, I had the sudden pang in my stomach so bad I sweat through my uniform in hot and humid Florida 🙃. Coffee is already a stimulant in itself. I busted for the library and let’s just say I’ve not been back there since.

I don’t really care for coffee anymore and dky so instead use tea but practice this thing anyways. Can’t say it works for me because I’ve been using other manifestation practices that work but it’s a good idea.

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