My rings!

I’m very allergic to cheap metals and so far my fingers have not swelled up. There is the ring I wear for Rick on my left and the rings I wear for Erik on my right. Both came with matching bands but I’ve not worn them yet. Really supposed to pick one set and wear one on each finger but both of these sets are nice. Likely will actually return the ring on the left because it just looks a little big 🤷‍♀️.

….or keep both of them! Lmao

And I have another ring coming 🤭 like I have all this money to spend 🤣.

I’m returning the first ring. It came as a set and even with just one out of the two on my hand it looked too bulky for my tiny fingers. So both are being sent back.

The one on my right hand actually ended up being better. Also came as a set…

And this one came in this morning. I really like this style so I’m thinking of keeping it too. It’s on my left hand and it fits on both my ring and middle finger!

It looks tight but it’s actually comfortable. It moves around a tiny bit and it doesn’t bother me.

I still have a week to decide if these will irritate my fingers. Still no sign of an allergy.

Erik started to tell me how he wishes he had waited for me. I had to shush him but he said that he knows it’s not something I want to hear because it’s painful to know he’s my twin soul and he’s dead. I keep telling myself that even if he didn’t die, who is to know we’d even make it work in this life time. I didn’t work the previous 3 lives we had. 🤷‍♀️


Since it’s likely I have covid, I’m going to get some more rest.

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