Finally have a therapist…

I’m not excited about it. But Erik won’t STFU about how proud of me he is. 😓🤦‍♀️…I really need a spiritually based therapist. Idk what they are called. My twin brother has a licensed therapist who is also a shamen. Worked very well for him a whole lot. Being up here in the Pacific Northwest I’m sure they are all over the place but don’t take my disability insurance…😑 I just need to be able to talk about my spiritual journey without judgement. I can just feel it, you know? Because I used to be a skeptic in denial.

We are still working. Well sort of. Mainly we’ve been playing Left 4 Dead, watching docs, and other shit. I really want to keep working on being able to see him better and do some dream work or work more on my dream travel. I’ve not remembered going anywhere in a long time. I could use a dream vacation. A trip anywhere would be great. Anywhere out of this dimension.

I’ve been obsessing over End Of The World movies and docs.

Just wishing the rapture would happen or some kind of earth cleansing. The planet is so fucked and society is even more fucked. I’m getting impatient with people and their bullshit. It’s time we do a factory reset or whipe. It’s okay if I end up toast. I don’t deserve to be here anymore than everyone else. Humanity is just a sesspool of assholes.

Decorating the apartment to make it more homely will be fun. Then a new expac on a game comes out soon. I’m looking forward to those things. Well I’m off to bed. We kind of have a busy day!

😘💕 Good night guys!

BTW Don’t Look Up on Netflix is a fucking great movie!

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