Can you describe my spirit guide? What do they look like and what do they want me to know?


Hey, so here’s what I got for your reading:

Your spirit guide is very much angelic in nature with a lot of femininity. They also work through conduits as well like the close people around you. However, you may feel their energy the most through your emotions (stomach and heart). They may also be an ancestor. Your guide is also very generous with the healing and inspiration they help you see. They want you to focus on your truth. And that you don’t have to endure something you don’t like, simply to please your family for example. Also, to be aware of any forbidden dynamics around you, for future purposes.

Thank you very much this resonated! Not sure about what you mean by forbidden dynamics. You describe my Twin Soul, who I work with very very closely. He presents as my devine feminine counterpart.

I keep getting from others that he was an ancestor. Probably picked the past life he was my brother…which he was. Anything is possible. He may have been incarnated as someone in my family. It doesn’t really matter to me. Besides the ancestry and “forbidden dynamics” everything else seems legit.

Thank you.

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