🥺😍 He sang this song in a dream?!

It’s kind of funny the band name is…waitforit…

Blessed Union Of Souls

“She likes me for me

Not because I’m tough like Dirty Harry

Make her laugh just like Jim Carrey

I’m like the Cable Guy

But what she sees

Is that I can’t live without her

My arms belong around her

And I’m so glad I found her once again

Found her once again

I’m so glad I found her once again

Once again”

Hee hee 🤭 I listened to it on my phone organizing my medications lmao. Oh lord…I used to think this song was kind of lame but idk I like it a lot now. He really has found me after that birthday letter I wrote coincidentally on his birthday back in 2007. Unfortunately I don’t have that letter anymore but I took a picture of it and have already posted about it like a handful of times. This song just makes me giddy and reminds me that miracles really do happen no matter how rediculous or corny they are 😂… because they are.

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