Who can pick up on Erik?

A as fun way to waste 20$ today I chatted with two advisors on keen.

The home I can think of was in Connecticut and it was old as dirt. My grandma is like me. Hilarious and told my mom on her death bed that she will haunt her AND the house. But she’s female. I have had an uncle but he’s not around me at all. Not in the way described.

BTW she really did haunt the house! I’m tempted to write to the people living there asking if they had seen anything. That’s not weird, right? 🤣

Next is interesting…

Now it’s my great grandfather?! 🤦‍♀️🤭🤭🤭🤭. I’m so done roflmao. This is so funny. I just don’t understand how they pick up on that. Jeeeez! 🤣 They are way way way off but maybe there is a kernel of truth? Not likely.

Damn I wish that I had that message on here someone gave me years back. This chick didn’t even know me (asked anon) and I didn’t give her any info besides the question asked something like: What do my guides need me to know?

She stright up described Erik as being a beautiful angel like guide with the purpose to protect me and yadda yadda. She emphasized on brightness. Dead ringer for me. Now I gotta find it.

Maybe I’ll play around some more but on here to see if anyone can pick on him.

I’m however interested that they both say ancestral old man. Honestly the only family I know and met I wasn’t very close to who would fit that description he wasn’t old tho and just . But I was real close to my grandma. That’s it. Nothing they say makes any sense to me.

Haha I’m going to try people here on Tumblr to see what they come up with! I’m hoping they won’t know who I am if I ask on my “normal” blog.

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