Releasing our stored trauma & emotions – Using TRE

A powerful Trauma Release Exercise!

It is absolutely okay if you don’t shake, this is common when we first start. Some tips are:

1️⃣ Create a safe space where you feel comfortable to let go (such as on your bed!)

2️⃣ Tire out the muscles first with a wall sit (or the full exercise in the TRE YouTube video). The shake initiates in the legs from muscle fatigue and comes up through the body from there.

3️⃣ Release expectations on needing to shake or what it should look or feel like. It differs between each person!

4️⃣ Before starting use the affirmation “I allow myself to completely let go. There is nothing that I need to do here”.

5️⃣ You can stretch your legs out of butterfly position once you start shaking

6️⃣ If you don’t shake today, try again another day! Also explore other somatic healing tools that may be calling more to you at this time! (We’re posting more each day on our socials).

How would you feel about this practise? I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

I’ve got more daily tools and tips like this on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Podcast.

Much love to you today,

Angela 🤍

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