Living In Your Twin Souls Memory

If your Twin Soul has been born and died on this plane, it’s hard. You feel real grief you can’t explain or you can try but feel some way talking about it so you just dont. The grief is usually not having the chance to meet or to grow as spirits in a human body together. It’s not the same experience as twin souls on this earth together because we are “apart” . I mean apart physically but if course always together spiritually.

I’m not a twin flame or twin soul expert and have no desire to be one. What I do is offer my take on this unique journey because all journeys are unique. There’s no one size fits all rediculousness. My twin souls journey started in spring of 2017. 10 years after I have written a letter asking the guardian angels of my “soul mate” (I didn’t believe in Twin Flames at the time) to help him find me in any way possible. Little did I know it would happen an in such a strange way! I think I must have been desperate because I felt time was running out.

In the last up to 6 years on this road…

…I’ve met extraordinary people with extraordinary (at times very similar) and remarkable stories to tell. This means the weight of isolation is lifted. We can talk freely about our experiences to people who are mature and who we trust. That part is extremely important, but I don’t do big groups or forums. If grouping is your jam, just remember that real friends won’t carry baggage into your life and expect you to fix them. Real friends don’t feel the need to judge you harshly. Real friends are on your side even if they don’t agree. Real friends are mature, want to grow, want to listen to you and just encourage you when your down. Most twin flame communities are the opposite.

I can’t tell you so many days I just rather stay in bed or cry myself to sleep. At Erik’s request, I’ve learned to talk about the harshness of this reality we didn’t even ask for. At first, I was questioning god’s existence, had no firm knowledge about anything spiritual, I didn’t believe in Twin Flames and the most I could do since my abilities went away in high school, was just card readings I did for myself.

Remember, your spiritual “other half” isn’t alive on this timeline!

You have the advantage to heal all kinds of traumas, you have someone you can talk to, someone to guide you and help you be a better person. You have an easier opportunity to prepare for your lives after your time is up so fuckin use that shit. I believe that when you work with your twin soul who isn’t physically with you, you have the multi-pass to be with them in your very next life and have that life be your last or have that life with them to be the kind of relationship described in songs and movies!

You know what happens with a lot of Twin Souls incarnated together? A lot of times it’s drama and heartache. If your Twin Soul on the other side loves you, they will not cause drama for you, urge you to make bad choices or hurt you in any kind of way. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I go against mine and Erik’s better judgement and fuck up but does he yell at me? Berate me? Nooooooo. He would do the tsk tsk tsk, shake his head and be like, “Oh well…”, because it’s not hitm who is going to be in trouble. It’s me! Lmao Then he would say something like, “What did we learn?”, In which I respond sarcastically.

Often or sometimes feeling like a curse, it’s not!

Curses don’t give you hope, tear you down or hurt. Miracles happen and with me I’ve seen so many from just asking for it. Too much to explain here but a great example is…. See my birthday letter asking for Erik’s guardian angels to “help him find me in anyway possible”. That letter was written on Erik’s birthday in 2007 and I didn’t even know it. That’s prayer and law of attraction. When the universe responds, those are miracles. Miracles don’t need to be a certain thing. The fact you met your twin soul at all, is a miracle in itself no matter how it happened. You choose how to look at it so my suggestion is that when you open that line of communication, you need to hold intent, you have to protect yourself in anyway you like, and most of all you have to have LOVE in your heart. Love is the source of all things good; of all things god or the universe created just for you! Love is the reason miracles happen. Love is what fuels your connection.

Without love, there’s fear. Without love, you can’t live in your twin soul’s memory. Likely there are things you both are passionate about, play at a venue if they played instruments. Cook you’re favorite foods. Donate to a cause they might be interested in but never ever spend your life being a martyr or plainly give up. It will hurt you more than you know if not now but further down the road.

It’s okay to fall apart once in a while!

Don’t be afraid to take a few personal days or how ever long you need to. Feel those feelings, talk to someone, cry a little… EXPRESS YOURSELF, then let it go. Everyone’s style is different but no one is responsible to get you out of the slump. It’s no one job to validate you. This journey belongs to you. This is your personal path you need to have control of. Your twin soul, if they love you will help you. That’s why they aren’t on this plane! They exist in the ethers to love and help you be the best you can be and you are doing that by simply chosing love instead of fear.

I’m not perfect, yes there are times I say fuck it and let the sad parts of this journey ruin my day or week. Then feel bad about doing that. But I brush myself off and get back on that horse. Many many times I’ve had to do that and I still do. I believe it’s a lifelong process. You do what helps you but always come back to remembering you have a great advantage here. You have a duty to yourself, twin soul and the planet. Our love will heal the world if you firmly believe that. So don’t let inner and outer negativity keep you down so long that you forget the bottom line. That’s just my opinion. I know how you feel when you feel doubt, fear, isolated, misunderstood, mistreated and lost. That’s why I’m writing this. You don’t have to go it completely alone or around toxic twin flamers who don’t understand what real love is. It’s true…most of them just don’t get it and it’s real sad especially with the state of the world today. I’m always just a DM away!

😘💕 Stay warm and stay safe!

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