All About Me!

Hadassah (Ha-DAH-suh) Monique (Muh-nEEk)

Shirt “Thou shalt not try me.

Mood: 24:7” (Amazon)

Other names: Momo, Nikki, Hada, Haddie

Born: June 15th 1988 @1:51am with twin brother

Signs: Gemini, Cancer and Virgo

Birthplace: Norfolk, VA on my mother’s vacation

Hair Color: Dark brown (dyed purple)

Eye Color: Dark brown

Religion: Agnostic. I don’t believe in organized religion but I’m comfortable that God(s) may not exist.

Raised: New London, CT & Sunrise, FL ruralsuburbs

Siblings: Twin brother and younger brother (maternal); Sister and two brothers (paternal)

Education: 11th grade and Culinary Degree (the college ended up being a scam, they weren’t supposed to let me attend.)

Favorite Color(s): Purple, magenta, pink, baby blue, black, rainbow

Favorite Brands: Michael Kors, Behringer, Ibanez, Peavy, and mPow, Converse, Vans

Favorite Movie Genres: True crime, suspense, thriller, romance comedy, romance drama, end of the world, distopia, science fiction, satire, historical fiction, book to film

Favorite Actors and Comedians: Katt Williams, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Taylor Tomlinson, Tiffany Haddish, Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Jim Carey, Steve Hofstetter, Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves, “Key and Peele” and way too many to think of at the top of my head

Favorite Band: System Of A Down

Favorite music genres: Grunge, indie, pop-rock, nu metal, death metal, prog-rock, and millennial rock alternatives (2000-2009), oldies, 90s country or millennial country styles

Instruments: Recorder, piano, violin, various Clarinets (contra alto, bflat, alto, bass), bass guitar, and guitar

Main instrument: Vocals in various styles like country, gutteral metal, r&b, and jazz; Bass guitar

Favorite Activities: Sleeping or sleep traveling, journaling, meditating, singing, Netflix and chill, hiking, travel, swimming, card readings, watching documentaries, lectures or presentations, and video games

Favorite Authors and Speakers: Georgio Tsukulos, Michio Kaku, Paul Wallis, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Billy Carson, Delores Cannon, Brian Weiss, and Erich Von Daniken

Tools: Tarotoracle cards, clairvoyance, clairsentience, automatic writing, pendulums, trance, and meditation

Diagnosed: Tourrets, bipolar type 2) mayjor depression, high functioning autism, PTSD, ocd, generalized and social anxiety, and adhd

Medicated? Yes since 2010 and meds of various kinds and dosages. If I don’t take them, my concentration is way off and I can’t use my tools

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