A Death Dream

I have dreams every once in a while about my own death. This one was not a past life dream like the others. They often happened when I was afraid of dying and I think this one was similar but more about transformations that are occuring with me.

It was very strange but this is what I remember:

I was saying things about my friends Jason that disturbed me to warn others of the fucked up things he was doing. Nothing specific but I got on Facebook and outted him out for being part of some crazy conspiracy. Jason is a very private person so he calls me upset and threatened to kill me.

He’s never been the type who would do something like that so I didn’t believe him. Then I was out camping here in Tacoma (Jason actually lived in this area I’m at) with some friends to hide away from him. Little did I know he had been to that park before and knows it very well because he shot me 3 times in the stomach.

At first I didn’t know I was shot but I couldn’t scream and he had left like he was never there. Then I fell to the ground. Still no pain yet, I began to scream for help. When I started to feel myself slip away, I grabbed my phone trying to post on Facebook that I was dying in the woods with several shots in my stomach.

For some reason when I tried to type on my Facebook post, and tried to text my family, when I wrote it would be something totally unrelated. Like instead of “help, I’m dying in the woods”, it said something totally random and sometimes random letters and number. I started thinking:

Oh well looks like I’m going to die here, at least I can see if my spiritual life was a giant lie.

I literally thought I was dying and was aware if that feeling while sleeping. I thought it was happening for real. Even began to see some sort of light…nah I was just waking up and the sun was in my window. Roflmao!

So Erik asks me what it means to me…

Transformation. Ive moved into a new apartment, I’m considering making some changes socially, I’m keeping my apartment nice and tidy, I’m getting into girly stuff again, and I’m hoping to get a legit job opportunity on Tuesday.

Also death isn’t scary. Every time I have dreams about my own death may it be one from a past life, or something random like this, I wake up feeling better. It doesn’t last long of course but I feel better about my own death for the time being since I sort of gone through the act. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Love y’all!

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