“Often people don’t want to see, hear, or talk about the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”


I believe the real truth is we know nothing. We stand at our soapboxes and spit “truth” all day but when we die, that’s when the viel is finally lifted…or maybe not lol! The ego feeds on the need to be “right”. People who are closed minded are closing themselves to the possibility that their reality is wrong or that they could be just wrong about everything they think they know. When you come to this realization it is scary. The ego will grasp at anything in search for validation for your truths.

When thier truth shatters they lash out, shutdown or hold on more tightly to their beliefs. It’s taken me 3-5 years on this journey to be comfortable with the thought I could be wrong about everything. I don’t need anyone or anything to validate my experience. All I need to do is live my life, the best I can and die in order to see the truth.

I don’t deny that at least for the last 5 years Erik is my Twin Soul. However I’m open to the idea I can be wrong about what I know from COVID to Twin Souls to making a killer sauce or video games. All I know is what I know. I don’t force people to follow my truth because it’s not necessary. This isn’t to give myself a pat on the back. This is to say that letting ego go as far as knowledge is concerned is hard to challenge, but anyone can do it. It might take a few years though depending how deep your need to be right or validated is. ESPECIALLY while on this kind of journey with a Twin Soul in spirit.

😘💕 Happy Friday y’all!

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