Matt helps me with Scrabble lol

Actually online it’s call Words With Friends lmao. I used to be real bad. Can’t be sure I’ve gotten better on my own. It’s a possibility but I have the education of an 11th grader because I never graduated. Weird words or long words people play in the game would piss me off. The game comes with a dictionary with words played so you can learn big and interesting words.

Before Matt died we used to play the game. He had a huge vocabulary and he was pretentious. No really. He was, I’m not going to lie. It kind of annoyed me. This time, I downloaded the game and before you know it I was getting suggestions to use letters to make words I’ve never used before in the game. Instead of losing, I’m actually high on the leaderboards lol. Again, it could be just me or it can be Erik and Matt helping me out. It doesn’t matter. It’s a fun game now that I’m good at it roflmao 🤣.

😘💕 Love y’all, be safe!

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