This is a build of the new apartment I’m planning to move in to the first week of January!

We have moved in!

😱 omg when I stepped inside it was like stepping into the game. Changes were made like the carpet color and the wooden floors are a different color as well as that the wooden floors are included in the kitchen and bathroom. I love everything about this big and fresh apartment!

We are still moving things in and organizing areas but we’ve not got the couch or bed in yet which is killing my back rn BTW and making me a but grouchy. Today I’ve been all day and my bf couldn’t understand what was the big deal πŸ™„. Without proper sleep and comfort I get bitchy and it’s hard to hold that in. I just cannot function right where otherwise I’m all good lol.

I will take pictures once we get more settled in. Just wanted to express my gratitude and happiness that this game has helped me manifest the apartment I’ve wanted! It worked when I was hoping to get a condo in Florida and it’s worked yet again. Just fucking love it.

I use the game mainly to build old homes or places Ive visited or would like to visit. Hardly ever really play the game as it’s intended but have all the expansions and a ton of mods.

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Good night!

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