It happened to me!

I became homeless and I was for a full year. It was traumatic, scary, fun, interesting and after all of that I finally got approved for disability benefits. I don’t have to work, I have more time to focus on what is important to me, and I’ve gotten back everything I’ve lost. Literally. I’m so thankful for all the miracles I’ve seen and for everything God and the universe did for me. But during all that I had to push through all of the pain and agony.

I had to sleep outside, move from shelter to shelter, be around questionable people, was hospitalized several times, I cried nearly every day and there were times I really want to end it all but I pushed through it inspite of my doubts and fears. I know I can do anything after being through all of that!

The law of attraction works. Prayer works! You have to find the strength to believe and work toward your goals inspite of failures or denials.

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