Home Sweet Home!

Omg do I absolutely LOVE 😍 our new apartment! They have really out in some nice wood floors and fresh new carpet to match the wood color. I just love everything about this place. Sure my condo in Florida had an updated kitchen with a washer and dryer but this apartment is bigger than the condo and yeah my house was a 22 and honestly we didn’t need 2 bathrooms but it was nice having a bathroom to house all of my stuff in it. Having a second bathroom would be nice this time only because of the fact a lot of time I need to go and Rick is still using it. It happens way too much…πŸ˜“ And I end up peeing in a “pee cup”. Lol Oh well 🀣.

We got a lot done today moving things in but the bed will have to wait maybe a few days. So we will sleep on the floor! πŸ˜† I’m just happy that We got our TV, internet and desks in so that I can finally relax with some new documentaries to watch before bed.

We start up again tomorrow!

We will get a U-Haul tomorrow and pack everything we can to get as much done as possible. Rick wants to take his time. I want the bed and I we want to get new bed sheets, blankets and a Swiffer with the extra πŸ’° money his mom has given us. She’s laying on the help because she feels guilty. I doubt she really does it to be nice. She knows I don’t like her based on how she treats Rick all the time and the nasty first impression she gave me when we first started dating. Long story short, she uses money to buy people and because she’s fucked Rick up. We take it because we need it or we want it.

The guys are back with more stuff, I got to go help them with bringing it inside.

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Love y’all!

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