free tarot readings!

Hello, everyone! You can call me Sabiá (or just Sabia). I’m new in the tarot community, so, as a hello, I’m offering free tarot & cartomancy readings.

– your signs are not necessary. if you want to send an identification, send your name or your initials, but they’re also not needed.

– ONLY send questions through the ask box. i will not answer DM questions, and they’ll be deleted without previous warning.

– be patient!

– reviews are not obligatory, but they’re very, VERY appreciated! tell me your thoughts.

– you’re not obligated to follow me, but i’ll be thankful if you do! i’m always going to be opening and closing readings, so stay alert. in the future i’ll add a lot of other different services. 😉

If you’re not interested in readings but you’re into tarot, divination or witchcraft, feel free to follow me! I’m looking for new mutuals.


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