Why I don’t join any kind of groups!

I understand some of us need to place ourselves with like-minded people. At first I bought into labels and groups and the need for validation. Now I feel it necessary to let those things go. Groups especially online tend to be toxic nowadays full of militance or extremism. I see no point in subjecting myself with people who attach themselves to an idea to the point that the moment you disagree makes you a villain because they have a giant stick up their asshole without lube and refuse to pull it out for whatever weird fucking reason.

Choosing to continue this journey alone works for me. I keep my online friend circle small. They are mature, they are open to differences in experiences and opinions. They don’t try to push their ideas on to others or feel the need to impose. I like that! I like that I have a few friends on a similar journey who are wise and mature. When someone starts showing I can’t trust them to be mature, I stop talking to them. They can join in on the toxic behavior with other people who will put up with that kind of behavior.

This doesn’t mean I can’t use more friends!

I’m totally fine with helping others. That’s really why I’m here. However I’m not down with drama, needy behavior, or ego driven extremism. I’m no one’s guru and have no real desire to be. I refuse to validate or invalidate anyone’s experiences. If I do come off like a guru I trust my friends let me know so I can correct it. Sometimes I do get passionate but I don’t mean to get up in arms about anything.

My job is to encourage people to be their own guru. To act as their own investigator on their own journey because afterall it is their journey and they are responsible. Not me. I don’t want that kind of burden when I always have a million things going on in my life at any given time. Having someone to vent to on this journey is important but to bombard me or anyone with problem after problem about a TF or spiritual journey isn’t cool. No one wants that job. No one should have that job so put on your big pants and work on your shit on your own instead of seeking for validation outside of yourself. It’s hard but it’s not impossible!

😘💕 I love you guys, stay safe!

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