LMFAO This is not entirely true!

The problem with the TF community is it’s full of wanna-be “gurus”; an equivalent to “too many fucking cooks in the kitchen”. A bigger problem is that when it comes to spiritual things or social-spiritual constructs, WE DONT KNOW JACK-FUCK ALL about anything until we fucking kick the bucket for real. To tote around the internet parading as a guru makes that you are contributing to the toxic TF ideologies.

Furthermore, the TF “signs” ARE just lists and rules imposed on others as a way to place conditions on such a person to “qualify” as a TF. That is not unconditional love as you are encouraging people to place said conditions of people when we should really love people for who they are. NOT for what they could be…a TF! If you really want a TF you don’t use these rules or conditions. You focus on what you can contribute to promote unconditional love or to expand your spiritual awareness! There are no ifs whens or buts about it. I say this because it only makes sense. Especially where unconditional love is concerned and the FACT rules and signs are damn right DAMAGING to everyone across the board.

This is NOT to say these ideologies are completely wrong. This is to say that people will use this information as if it’s a matter of life or death. There are sick and mentally unstable people out there who are desperate for a deep connection and will scour the internet looking for a “sign”. Some do find their TF, some don’t. It’s out of our hands. Finding to have control over that I feel is completely wrong and misses the point of spiritual connections. You are contributing to their mental health that is already unstable. You are contributing to suicide rates that go up. You are not a guru. No one knows squat about TFs so stop posting and acting like you know so much about it.

If I am coming off a certain way, I apologize. I just HATE that people in the TF community feel the need to be hypocritical and miss the real problem which is that TF communities don’t know what unconditional love is and that the TF signs are just tools for conditional love.

Everything I have said is based on friends and my own experiences as a TF especially with one in spirit.

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