I never have pics of my bf 😂

Here is one! We are camping out at our old apartment. We had a couple mishaps and yeah I’m frustrated but I’ve been homeless before and that in itself was overall a shitty experience of a full year. This is nothing to me. Rick was panicking and I’m like: Bruh…this is nothing. We’re going to be fine and once we move in to our bigger place in just less than a week, we are going to be glad we did.

It’s not like we are truly homeless or we lost all of our shit. But he accidentally dropped my computer…😭 We made sure it was intact. It seems to be okay but we really wouldnt know until I try to use it. The case is intact but it doesn’t mean the motherboard isn’t trashed or something. Like one small move and you could be out of a 2k$ custom gaming computer so I’m nervous about that.

Barry is sleeping on Rick’s lap and it’s so cute.

Erik is trying to talk to me but I’m just really very tired. Rick and I have been shuffling things to and from the storage unit since 9am morning. We got finished nearly close to closing (9pm) at the storage unit but then Rick accidentally dropped my computer in the snow so basically now we have a truck load of our shit and a car full of out shit and an empty apartment. So yeah we worked our asses off for 12 hours! I can’t wait to finally go to the cabin just to relax a few days before moving into our new place.

Oh and this afternoon like around 1pm U-Haul finally sent someone to fish the keys I locked in the truck. Like all he had to fucking do was lift the back with some crowbar and use a wire to drag the keys out. WTF?! 175 DOLLARS JUST FOR THAT FUCK SHIT?! I was like well they better not charge us just for what little that guy had to do…. NOPE. Still 175…😒

I hate fireworks!

Yeah I know it sounds like I’m complaining a lot. We really had a shitty day but I’m looking forward to the cabin and moving into our better apartment. But like I HATE fireworks. Well I think they are pretty and sometimes I can tolerate them. But when it’s loud? Fuck that noise…literally. It makes me jumpy and scream. This year they were so fucking close that it hurt my ears and my migraine came back lol 🤣 just couldn’t catch a break lol. They were pretty though just way too much.

I have had past life dreams about being in a war. I want to say WW2…and the amount of fireworks going off all over the place kind of reminds me of the dreams. Fucking terrifying and so realistic. It doesn’t even matter if it was a past life dream or anything related to that. It always scared the flying fucks out of me. I just can’t stand loud bangs. Once in a while I hear them. Being in a sketchy neighborhood, the first thing I think of is it must be a gunshot and I wait for screaming or some commotion. It always turns out to be something else. Fucking hate that shit. Well I’m glad it appears no one was harmed but it’s the noise.

😘💕 Happy New Year!

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