We move EARLY!!

I just got word that the people installing new floors, never came yesterday because of the snow and they cannot come out until next Monday. Then the cleaners are scheduled for Tuesday. So we can do move in next Wednesday at 3pm!

So we move about 3 days early! I’m so happy and excited. Really hoping that they install wood floors like they said they would. I cannot stand carpet all over the house. Speaking of…from the amount of snow and moving our shit to the van we tracked so much dirt and grime that I use socks to walk and take them off to get in bed until we can get everything out.

It’s will be a pain but it’s okay!

So we move on the 5th and we will be at the Airbnb cabin in Orton. Which means we still have to stay at the cabin as I paid for the whole week. We can just start moving those two days and basically use the cabin to sleep in and not worry about rushing to get the bed in first. We can also shower at our apartment instead of having to go to the gym so that’s nice.

Today we loaded the truck but we haven’t gone to the storage unit yet. We lifted and worked pretty hard so it will be done tomorrow. Then from there we will keep tackling everything up to the date we have to be out which is the 31st. I’m hoping it’s by end of the office day and not like first thing in the morning because we still have to get a lot done 😬.

It’s been a crazy day.

However I’m still positive and overall happy about the move. I’m reminding myself how lucky I am. For a few days I prayed that we could move in early and we’ll it happened. Everything about this move was because I literally prayed on it and stayed thankful for everything I have.

The journey from homelessness to a small apartment and now an almost 1k sq ft apartment in just 2 years. Really? It’s been two years since my ex and I split. Then of course everything in between, well, so much was achieved by praying and making moves. The law of attraction really works. If I can help it, I never just sit and wait. Moving in early was something completely out of my hands because it was reliant in the renovations and how long it would take.

So be aware that if you want something badly and there are things you really can do about it, make those positive moves. If you can’t do anything, still pray and think about how greatful you are to be where you are! This really really works! The process from waiting for an opening to application, putting a down payment, waiting to be approved and then waiting for renovations. It was a very bumpy ride. It’s snowing and it’s made moving a little harder and I still have bronchitis but I’m always thanking my lucky stars for helping me get this far.

It makes me kind of sad. If Matt were alive I’d share this happiness with him because we were inseparable when we were homeless together. We both kept moving up and making things work. He was doing so well. I don’t know for sure what happened, I’m not ready to find out, I’m not ready to talk to him while the loss is still fresh. Hell Alex died almost two years ago and I still don’t want to talk to him.

I know πŸ’― that he’s happy to see me moving forward 😊. I miss him all the time and I know he’s hanging out with the guy I constantly talked about. You know, Erik. Better end it here before I get emotional…

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Good night guys…

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