It’s time we get used to not knowing the truth!

I’ve said this so many times. What’s so important to me on my journey is being comfortable with the possibility of being wrong about everything! I won’t know the absolute truth until I die. Until then I can learn and progress but I have to try to remain humble.

People in the spiritual and religious communities tend to seek the truth like it’s the very last thing they do. There is nothing wrong with seeking the truth and sharing your truth. What’s not okay is acting as though you have all the scoop.

COVID, second coming, the rapture, twin flames, politics are all hyped to make people afraid and desperate.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in the COVID situation and it’s impact on people. It’s a fact that people are dying needlessly. But how much do we really know about anything? We all know secrets are being kept from us. The reality is, we don’t know Jack fuck-all and we never will. So let’s just not make these things a giant conspiracy! In fact, conspiracies are usually negative. I actually get more depressed when people talk about them.

There are so many fucking “experts” parading online claiming to be truth seekers. They are just merely ego driven fake gurus with a giant stick up their ass. They capitalize on people’s desperation and fears. How can you claim to love humanity all while preaching fear? People are afraid they are alone, people are afraid to die, people are afraid of the government. Why make things worse by pretending to have all the answers?

I’m not trying to yell at people.

But I’m fed up and discusted by the actions of the collective. Things are bad right now. We all know that! What’s more, it’s people who claim to love others who upset me the most. Instead of fear based analogies, why not talk about love. Why not share what we know to be uplifting. What are things you love about humanity? Why not remember the accomplishments we’ve made over the decades?

Maybe ironic, watching ancient history docs has become my coping mechanism. I am a believer in people and God. We’ve overcome so much. There’s so much about our history that is beautiful and inspiring. On top of that the good people in history who fought for humanity. These people saw what was wrong and actually did something instead of sit behind a keyboard.

😘💕 I love y’all, stay warm!

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