Adam and Eve the first Twin Flames?

First I’m not a TF expert and I firmly believe no one is or can be a twin flame expert and if you think you are, you’re only contributing to the toxicity of the TF community. The TF community (not everyone) focuses on CONDITIONAL love by usage of conditions such as rules or signs to determine if someone is suitable for them. True love is unconditional and it doesn’t need a community, signs or titles.

Yes my blog is technically a TF blog but I now focus on what is more important in my Twin Soul journey. With that being said, yes, Erik is still my TF but I no longer put emphasis on it or give a flying fuck about the TF community in the least bit.

When God made Eve supposedly he had split Adam into two.

According to popular belief God splits Adam (like splitting an atom) in two to create the pair. My theory is that because of Eve’s “betrayal”, that’s now twin flames go through trials and tribulations before they can reunite as one and in harmony.

Similarly what Plato has said about twin flames or soul mates.

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