Riding the positivity train lmao 🤣

This sounds gross but I’ve not showered in over a week. YES, OVER TWO WEEKS! My hair is greasy and honestly this is not normal for me but I’m going to put in some effort to take care of myself. I’ve not even gotten laid in a while. My bf pointed out how I’ve been since losing the contest and he put rather frankly ever since I heard and confirmed Matt’s passing. I’ve let myself go.

Change if any kind is very very difficult for me. My anxiety is through the roof and I feel like there’s too much upheaval happening. I’m getting the Tower card vibes. Also my period comes next week. I better enjoy the little left freedom I have before cramps come.

My cats have been a comfort.

They might be sensing my emotional turmoil and I don’t care. Their more than usual attention is calming so I’ve allowed Barry to cuddle next to me. He’s an aggressive cuddler and I don’t really like it. He’s a bit too much at times but lately I’ve allowed him to sit on me while I watch TV and play video games.

Tomorrow we get started on loading boxes in the storage unit. I’m going to focus on the great things that come with this move. It’s not an ideal cabin but we will be out in the wilderness for a week since we are forced to move out on the 31st and can’t move in until the 7th. So we have a mini vacation out in the boonies. I might do some exploring. Erik would love that.

😘💕 Good night!

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