being ready to have kids is not just something you have to be financially ready for. it’s more than having a stable income and a place to live fitting for a child. you shouldnt have children if you arent mentally in a place where you can create a loving, supporting and safe home for your kids. you are responsible for the emotional safety of your child as well. it’s not your child’s responsibility to take care of you. your child is not a bandaid. your child isnt a tool to fix your trauma. your child shouldnt be the glue in your relationship, nor should they ever feel like they are. you should have kids to give them love and support, not to receive it. YOUR CHILD 👏🏼 DOESNT OWE YOU 👏🏼 SHIT 👏🏼 if you feel unfulfilled get a hobby or something, dont ruin an innocent kid’s life.


Young mothers especially. I’m not saying all young mothers. I mean young mothers who lack the skills. It’s a shame that people like me who grew up with a young mothers feel inadequate to be mother’s. I’m now 33 and childless and Im getting to a point I’m ready but 33 is a bit old. It shouldnt be that way.

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